Dr. Angel Faith is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in Positive Psychology and life enhancement. Angel received a doctorate in clinical psychology from Pepperdine University and completed her undergraduate education at the University of California, Los Angeles.

In her early years, Angel was a performer and vocalist with a teen pop group called No Secrets. At the age of thirteen, Angel was signed with Jive Records and briefly pursued a solo career thereafter. After several years in the entertainment industry, Angel realized that music and performance no longer brought her the satisfaction and fulfillment she once experienced. Although creativity and self expression remained core values for her, she began to dedicate her time and energy to academic study at University of California, Los Angeles in the field of psychology. The study of psychology, therapy and counseling allowed Angel the opportunity to pursue a topic of interest to her, meanwhile helping others and providing a solid foundation for greater social impact.

Much of Angel’s training and experience has been focused on delivering therapeutic programs to adults struggling with a variety of mental wellness concerns including anxiety, depression, relationship conflicts, life transitions and stress management. Angel has a strong passion for utilizing Positive Psychology as an approach to facilitate the use of personal strengths, values and relationships to help individuals reach their therapeutic goals. Although she found traditional therapy, diagnosis, treatment planning and intervention to be very rewarding work, Angel was curious about the overall lack of mental wellness and emotional hygiene programming available to the general population (i.e. people without clinical diagnoses). It concerned her that the many psychological resources available were only being used to treat pathology and not utilized to keep the healthy thriving and generate deeper fulfillment, joy, purpose, meaning and connection.

Angel believes that challenges are an essential and expected component of the shared human experience. As a society, we place so much focus on physical health and body maintenance, however there is little emphasis on maintaining the mind and the emotional self to prevent negative symptoms and overwhelm. It is her perspective that there is tremendous potential in utilizing therapeutic programs and interventions not only to treat the “sick” but also to strengthen the healthy. We could all benefit from ongoing personal growth and development. It is her passion to create and deliver specialized mental wellness/life enhancement programs to insightful and self-curious individuals who may not necessarily have a “problem” that needs fixing, but rather seek growth and stimulation.

Learning to adapt to life changes in a graceful and productive way is the key to a successful life.

Angel’s personal experiences, along with academic and professional training in the field of psychology, prepare her to work with others on personal growth issues in an effective manner with foundations in research and science. Angel believes that people have the capacity for unlimited growth and adaptation; and it is her goal to help those she works with reach their greatest potential.