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Seeking out therapy may feel like a scary or intimidating task. Nobody likes feeling down, anxious, confused or heartbroken and it can be really hard to ask for help, even when we know that we need it. Everyone needs some help at some point or another and that is nothing to fear. My goal is to provide the support, guidance, skills and information to help you overcome whatever hurdles are holding you back in your life right now. Life challenges are simply part of the human condition, everybody has them. You are not alone in this. With a little bit of assistance, you can be back on your feet and at your best sooner than you think! 

The most important factor in counseling is the relationship between client and provider. I offer a free initial consultation for the purpose of getting to know one another and making sure that our personal styles are highly compatible. My priority is making sure that your unique needs are met.

The free consultation is an opportunity to clarify goals and get to know one another. Within this initial consultation we will explore existing concerns to develop a customized approach that will suit each unique client best. At this point we will also determine whether counseling, coaching or consultation is most appropriate for the identified goals and change efforts. Another objective of the initial consultation is to explore our personal styles to determine compatibility. Just as it is important to have a plan that meets your individual needs, it is essential to work with a therapist or coach that matches you stylistically as to create an enjoyable and effective therapeutic relationship. The initial consultation can be completed in person or on the telephone, based on personal preference. 

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