Private Coaching

Personal coaching is ideal for individuals who are living a satisfying life that they wish to enhance through personal growth or change. Self exploration, relationship improvement, specific goal achievement, stress management, self compassion/care and habit change are some specific examples of goals that are compatible with personal coaching. A customized personal coaching approach can be developed to best fit the determined focus. A unique combination of face to face consultations, phone check-in’s, email correspondence and homework can be created to meet the needs of each client and ensure rapid progress. 

Individual Counseling

Counseling is ideal for addressing and resolving problems or specific issues that are causing distress. In order to benefit from counseling, it is not necessary to meet criteria for a psychological diagnosis, however it is most effective if there is an identified concern or issue. Depending on the issue at hand, counseling can be utilized as a short term intervention (usually the case) or long term management of a problem. In most cases, counseling is used to resolve issues and return to baseline functioning, at which time coaching and consultation can be ideal for maintenance and life enhancement. 

Mental wellness program design & collaboration

Mental wellness consultation is available to clients seeking collaboration on an event, retreat or program that includes a mental wellness component. The objective is to help clients create, develop and implement a wellness program that suits the focus of their unique event, while also ensuring that the program is founded in research and backed by scientific study.  

Elements of collaboration include, but not limited to:

  • White-label retreat design: Development of a mental wellness program, designed to meet the needs of your specific event, which is then implemented and delivered by you

  • Hosting:Co-hosting and co-facilitation of events and retreats

  • Workshops: Creation of a unique workshop program for your event, facilitation and implementation of the workshop performed by me

  • Speaking:Speaking engagements on topics related to Positive Psychology, personal growth, goal achievement, stress management, vulnerability, self compassion and life balance.